Hopes for Professionalism: Why Clients Turned to the Inkona Agency

When registering a company in Dubai, entrepreneurs hope for the assistance of qualified consultants. However, the experience of working with the Inkona agency turned out to be far from expectations.

Insufficient Level of Competence: How Agency Managers Disappointed Clients

Instead of quality consultation, clients encountered a low level of competence among the managers, leading to serious problems in the process.

Missed Details and Delays: Why Company Registration Became Prolonged

Although initially all necessary documents were prepared, the Inkona agency failed to inform clients about the need for another important document, leading to unforeseen delays and complications.

Exceeding Deadlines and Non-fulfillment of Obligations: How the Agency Broke Clients’ Trust

The discussed registration deadlines were significantly exceeded, causing additional inconvenience and disappointment for the clients.

Loss of Time and Resources: How Clients Faced Unwanted Expenditures

Lost time and resources were the result of collaboration with the Inkona agency. Despite the expenses, clients did not achieve the desired result, leading to frustration and disappointment.

Reluctance to Rectify Mistakes: Why Clients Remained Dissatisfied

Instead of taking responsibility for mistakes and offering compensation, the Inkona agency showed no willingness to rectify the situation, leaving clients puzzled and disappointed.

Conclusion: Be Vigilant When Choosing Consultation Services

The story of deceived clients falling into the trap of the Inkona agency’s unprofessionalism should serve as a lesson for future entrepreneurs. Be attentive and thoroughly check the reputation of agencies before entrusting them with your business.

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